“Jag Of All Tradez” was a 18-track critically acclaimed debut album from the much admired rapper Jesse Jagz released in 2010 under the belt of Chocolate City Music and Entertainment company .

Out of that project is a beautiful ballad titled ‘Sugarcane baby’, an unusual one from Jesse Jagz, where he laid his emotions down for a special lady.

Production on the track is well amazing with the Afrobeat drums conveying the melody to your eardrums.

“Sugarcane baby, You know you drive me crazy...Sugarcane baby you know you gat me going crazy”, the sweet hook goes.

Jesse’s verses on the song are nothing short of heavenly, and a music video for the song would have been perhaps an icing on the cake. The background vocalists, the one on the hook and at the entry of the song perfected this song.

This is worthy of a listen again and again for those who have once listened to the track, and for those who haven’t yet but crave beautiful music.

A song befitting for every romantic moment you can think of, Pulse Music gives to you  ‘Sugarcane baby’ by the gifted rapper Emperor Jesse Jagz.