Sugarboy, the young act that currently has his banger, ‘Hola hola’, thrilling Lagos Nightclub goers is what industry insiders will call an OG (Original Gangster, Old Git). But to the rest of the world, and to many of you reading this, he is a new talent signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment.

But that’s not true. Sugarboy has been in the game for over half a decade, recording, writing and producing songs numerous mainstream acts. He was formally signed to a joint deal between RundaTrax and Wahala Media Entertainment and released singles such as ‘Swagger man dope’ and other underground singles. He started music professionally in 2010 when he was featured in the monster hit ‘Badman’ from veteran Hip-hop MC, Modenine.

The Nigerian industry is fractured, and credits seldom do get to the deserved. Sugarboy has a long list of these, with very little documented. His meeting with Emperor Geezy changed all of that. He became an affiliate of G-Worldwide Entertainment and kept strong ties with the house until his official signing in 2015.

But he had to bide his time. Sugarboy was signed in a year when Kiss Daniel had just began to cross into pop puberty, as ‘Woju’ began the changes that transitioned the label from under the radar, to ‘known’ house of music. The momentum from Kiss Daniel was so strong, that the label’s focus rested on him. It was through Kiss Daniel, that Sugarboy received re-introduction via the label’s first group song ‘Rabba’, featuring DJ Shabsy. Another collaboration with Kiss Daniel ‘Molue’ was made public too, to prepare for the onslaught of the second son from the house.

On January 16, 2016, Sugarboy got his first solo official single under the record label. ‘Hola hola’, a song made special with a tropical dance rhythm, and captivating vocals was released into the industry, where it has racked up acceptance and gathered impressive numbers. Just over two weeks later, the visual followed suit.

Today, it is one of the most buzzing, trending singles.

To say that it is ‘Hola hola’ that have made Sugarboy is to be simplistic in reasoning. The Awka Ibom state native is of a fine stock of musicians, one of the very few who understand the art beyond performing on a composed sound. Sugarboy writes, composes, produces, records and performs. He follows through the creative process, from the first ink that touches the lyric pad, to the last sound that goes through to the mixer. On Kiss Daniel’s “New Era” album, his influence was evident in the songwriting credits, and through to the deliveries on various songs. It’s only just became his time to shine through via a pop hit song.