2016 was a great year for Sugarboy.

The singer started off last year with just guest features showing off what he had in his belly. ‘Raba’, the DJ Shabsy’s hit single, re-introduced him again into pop culture, albeit still tied to the phenomenon that Kiss Daniel was becoming.

But that was not enough. An artiste needs to fly solo to create the needed buzz and build capacity and fan base. That happened for Sugarboy on the smash hit ‘Hola hola’. The man digged deep into his party roots to create a tropical hit jam that ruled clubs around the country. That paid off.

His visuals threw him into the minds of fans and ensured that he had enough foundation to push on for the next big single.

But that big single never came. ‘Double’ came off wrong, with very little to hold on to. Sugarboy failed to follow his momentum with another club hit. Instead he embraced a reggaeton beat by BeatBurx, and layered a thanksgiving song.

That was premature and ill-advised, and the results were disastrous. ‘Double’ was given the full treatment. A video was released and promoted across the country. But the song, in all honesty was a weak one. And it kicked him off the bounce.

He hasn’t got it back.

“‘Hola Hola’ is an Afrobeat /dancehall tune and apparently a DJ favorite and street anthem. 'Double' is more of a motivational/reasoning tune and a song for everyone. Generally, I draw inspiration from around me. Creating music is always fun. My producer, and I synchronize easily.” He told Pulse via email.

The powers that be at G-Worldwide Entertainment, needed to make him fly higher. They needed another star on their hands, but at that time they had a buzzing artiste with a good single. How can lightning strike twice? How can the magic that made ‘Hola Hola’, be conjured again?

BeatBurx maintained his partnership and the Caribbean angle. ‘Legalize’ was the new product. And although the potential was there. It didn’t help.

Radio spins, TV plays and more created momentary attention, but that never lingered long enough to become a hit. Instead he got more mileage from Kiss Daniel’s ‘Upon me’ single off the successful “New Era” album.

Sugarboy ended 2016 as an artiste with a hit song. He tried honestly with label backing to get more hits out. But that was not to be.

That’s why he’s began to work early.

2017 is still feeling its way through January, but he has a new single out. ‘Dada Omo’, an urban Highlife love song produced by DJ Coublon has been released. As is the custom, a video shot by Ani James for AJE Filmworks is out too, and is being promoted.

Sugarboy needs this to work. This is his third single after the success of ‘Hola Hola’. Great artistes are relentless in their pursuit for growth, but how long can a man continue to labor before self-doubt begins to creep in?  And remember, once an artist tastes success, he would always have that longing for more.

Suagrboy has that ‘more’ feel about him. And in 2017, he aims to get it right.