With his cool calm collected vocal delivery, Steven Tones is set to go places. His confident style is evident as he goes about his singing, as you would get a hang of in his 2016 EP “Man of The Moment”.

Pulse Music catches up with the rising star singer, seeking to get out some interesting facts about him and his promising music career. Sit back and enjoy the interview.

Music is much more than a hobby to me. It is a career! My music is like my own unique language which I use to pass out positive message to inspire and excite my listeners (my fans)! I also want to make a living off it too... lol.

Like I made mention earlier, the message is the key word. So whatever I try to communicate through my music, all I want is for who ever hears it to get the message for what it is. I also try to address real life issues through music so as to make the world a better place.

A couple of time, yes I have. It wasn't smooth and easy when I started because the typical Nigerian artiste is used to having DJ slam the music and the artiste just mimes. But I've got better with time, I try to practice live performances with my guitarist.

The fans who know my music love it when they hear me sing live more these days and it makes more sense as i even prefer a live show to miming over a soundtrack. Unfortunately, most show promoters can't afford the budget for live shows so it's sad to say but we might be stuck with what we have now for a while.

Yea I do... but  not on a formal level as I have trained myself and got to understand my vocals and how to make good use of them. Constant practising helps me to improve on my vocal strength.

Any studio feels like home to me and when I feel at home,  it's always fun and magical as I am in my zone to do what I always love to do.

There are a lot of deficiencies but one I want to talk about is on the revenue artistes make. Especially on digital sales, artistes aren't making as much as they deserve so this limits their creative process as it actually cost so much to even record a material.

If that can be addressed, it will go a long way. The industry is not at all there yet but there's so much progress made already. Our music is becoming global now and I feel really proud and privileged to be part of this greatness... big ups to everyone who is making this possible.

Since the EP dropped, me and my management have just been taking feedback on the EP as we continue to promote it. Thanks to the Internet, we've received feedback from some even strange countries.

This indicates that there is a global audience out there so we have to make music that will be globally appealing. Definitely, we are working but we ain't rushing to put out materials. Maybe features or who knows, if it feels right, we might just shock everyone with a monster collaboration, anything is possible!

I listen to everything, I am like a genre prostitute. Sometimes I might not even know the artiste but if the song sounds nice, I just collect it. But be sure to see the artistes like Jon Bellion, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Wande Coal, Maleek Berry, Ayo Jay etc just to mention a few. Some of them i'd like to do a song with someday!

Interestingly, I have this written somewhere and I will quote it for you... "Reaching the world with this awesome gift God has given to me... touching lives positively and making the world a better place".