France will open match day three of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with a C fixture against Australia at 10:00am Ghanaian time, 11:00am in Nigeria and 2:00pm in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Lionel Messi will begin his quest to clinch a major title for Argentina at the senior level when his side face debutants Iceland, who are also the smallest nation to ever play at the finals.

The first group D game will kick-off at 1: 00pm Ghanaian time, which will be 2:00pm in Nigeria, 4:00pm Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzanian and Ethiopian times.

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Peru will take on Denmark in the second group C game at 4:00pm Ghanaian time, while in Nigeria it will start at 5:00pm and Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya will witness it at 7:00pm.

The Super Eagles need to beat Croatia in the final match day four fixtures to restore Africa’s hope of going far in Russia 2018 after two North Africans Egypt and Morocco suffered defeats against Uruguay and Iran respectively.

The kick-off time is 7:00pm in Ghanaian time. The fixture will kick-off at 8:00pm Nigerian time and in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia it will be beamed live at 10:00pm.

Nigeria are in the same group with Argentina, one of the tournament favourites and minors Iceland who announced themselves in Euro 2016, with a victory against England to reach the quarters.