The 2018 World Cup is upon us and we have has a number of countries flying in Russia ahead of yet another Mundial.

Africa has presented a 5 team contingent to the 2018 World Cup

We have indeed seen a number of them arrive in grand style in Russia

Have a look as to how these teams made dressed and with Nigeria being the winner of the costumes with their remarkable outfit.


Egypt are in Group A with host Russia, Urguay and Saudi Arabia

Egypt play their first game against Uruguay on Friday, 15th June,2018


Morroco are paired with Portugal Spain and Iran in Group B

Morroco play first game against Iran on 15th June,2018


Tunisia will play with England Belgium and Panama in Group G

Tunisia begin with England on Monday 18th June,2018


Nigeria face Argentina Croatia and Iceland in Group D

Nigeria start of with Croatia on Saturday 16th June,2018