Interested FC, Charity FC, Congratulations FC and the real truth behind the nicknames

It wasn’t hard to figure out which clubs have been assigned these nicknames by football fans across the globe but why is it the new national anthem on social media?

All you need to know about the clubs behind the trending nicknames on the transfer market

The 2021/22 footballing season had finally concluded by the end of last month, with some successfully defending their titles while others seemingly “applying pressure”, with no real effect.

As far mixed fortunes are concerned, some teams reserve the right to complain or hold on to one excuse or the other, while others…..need not even attempt to jump on the “to err is human, to forgive is divine” train.

Regardless, the footballing world looks forward to a fresh campaign, and while fans across the globe wait patiently, one of the highly anticipated periods in the sports is already upon us.

The transfer window brings mixed feelings to fans generally, and that’s largely down to what team you may or may not support.

For some teams, they don’t even bother expecting any news as regards transfers because of the club’s history of perpetual laxity and eleventh-hour inquiries.

For others, they need not check the tabloids or keep up to date with the latest transfer news.

They know and trust their club’s chiefs to do the needful.

These are fans that know that their club is hungry for silverware and are aware of fans expectations as regards targets.

Personally, I never quite expect so much in the window, except for the deadline day deals and hijacking from unexpected bids…yes…I’m completely in for all the 'drama'.

While most fans might decide to keep up late nights, some overzealous ones might even go as far as sacrificing their sleep, and turning on post notifications for every Fabrizio Romano-Esque journalist on social media (Twitter) within the period.

But what some of the fans fail to realize, is that rumours will forever rule the transfer window.

Rumours of which - some could be extraordinarily ridiculous but deep down in our hearts, we dream of it, we crave it, we pray it is True.

Anyways, to the main topic of discussion- football’s latest club nicknames. In no particular order, here are the latest club nicknames in the world football currently trending

Well apparently, Interested FC only just picked up prominence during the current transfer window.

Clubs that have been synonymous with them include: Manchester United, Chelsea and Barcelona.

If you haven’t found out the why yet, no worries…I’ll break it down for you.

At least….as far as I can tell according to reports, no fewer than 12 players, have been linked with a move to Old trafford this summer.

New manager Erik Ten Hag, has a bit of a mountain to climb rebuilding the club to becoming highly competitive and bringing back silverware.

Ten Hag’s task isn’t certainly nowhere being easy, and United fans are eager to get the new season underway under their new manager, regardless of their Thursday night football special featuring the very special guest “Cristiano Ronaldo” - the only actual reason why United fans have sucked it in.

For now, the club continues to be linked with all sorts of high-profile players with reports branding the rumours/speculations as the club being “Interested” or “showing solid interest” in the daily headlines on social media.

Even now, as their local rivals - City have completed their sensational marquee signing, fans continue to apply online pressure on the club to make a move as well, so as not to get left behind in the ‘squad-strengthening’ race.

To this effect, United fans got bored of the rumours, therefore branding their club as “Interested FC”.

Well guess what Red Devils fans??…’ll most likely be in for a long summer, as the rumours will certainly not end anytime soon, pending when the club announces its first signing.

Chelsea on the other hand are coming off the back of a difficult season, with the club recently released of its sanctions and the future of the club finally secured.

The Blues have been linked with a couple of names in the summer, most notably Sevilla defender Jules Kounde and free agent Ousmane Dembele.

The London club has already lost two key players in their defensive department with both players making big moves to Spain this summer.

However, Blues fans still remain frustrated with the club yet to sign replacements as they seek to close the gap of the Premier league’s superpowers - Man City and Liverpool.

It’s even more complicated as the club currently faces a huge headache, in getting rid of their record-signing Romelu Lukaku ,who now has his heart set on a return to Italy.

Talk about wasted investment….but come to think of it, if Chelsea were Inter, would they willingly just take the Belgian striker back? …or agree to sort out his mammoth wages on loan?

Regardless, the Blues fans will have to be seriously patient under their new owners and expect to hear about more interesting targets in the next couple of weeks.

For Barcelona, ‘Sapa’ is currently having a party in the Catalan club, as they’re currently unable to sign nor register players until they can balance their wage cap.

Wouldn’t want to go into details of how they got themselves into that mess, nor how they plan to come out of it.

But, surprisingly, the club has been reportedly interested in no fewer than 15 players….yes! ..You heard right.

It's even understood that they plan on going head-to-head with Chelsea, over Jules Kounde. It's the sheer audacity for me.

How they plan to do it now isn’t certainly my headache. But the only shocker here is …” how exactly does a club languishing in the trenches” get linked to that number of high profile players?'

As a fan, you tend to feel that…It’s not the desperation of the team to improve the economic situation and acquire their targets that kills you, it’s the hope of even overcoming it at all.

Barcelona have been, and will continue to be - interested in players as much as they want, but it’s fine.

If ignoring their current reality will make Barca fans feel better, then it’s fine, really.

Charity FC is a nickname that emerged towards the concluding phase of the 2021/22 Premier league season.

It’s a nickname that was ascribed to the 2021 Champions league holders with just about the lousiest fan base in the country.

“Agbero Fc” as they are fondly called on social media gave away crucial points despite their third-place finish in the league last season.

Under Thomas Tuchel, the Blues were fond of surrendering their leads in the final games of the season.

All of a sudden, they wanted to be a better “Arsenal” than Arsenal themselves, and they did quite a solid job of impersonation actually.

Chelsea on multiple occasions, will take the 1-0 lead and end up dropping points or even ultimately losing all the fixture in dramatic fashion in the league.

To that effect, the Blues fans decided to nickname their beloved team “Charity FC” as they always seemed to adopt the habit of giving away or dropping points against teams, they normally should be blowing away.

The Blues failed to pick up points on a number of occasions, in games that were potentially seen as sure wins.

If anything, I’m sure Tuchel has seen enough of miserable displays- just enough to admit that the Blues are nowhere near City or Liverpool’s level.

The oldest of the all the nicknames as far as I can tell seems to be the 'Congratulations FC, but how did it come about?

Luckily, the answer isn’t far- fetched as many might have already guessed by now. “Congratulations FC” was a nickname assigned to clubs who mainly specialize in 'congratulating and felicitating' with rival clubs on social media, especially with the latter wins silverware, which the former was also vying for as well.

It's not entirely a show of shame, rest assured dignity is still in its place but when I think about Congratulations FC, I only think of one club alone - and that is Spanish league side, FC Barcelona.

Barcelona, has established itself as the “master of goodwill messages” to rival clubs.

I mean it’s fine to congratulate your rivals when they reach certain achievements- in the “spirit of encouraging good sportsmanship” but how far?? ….No be every party you must chop, at least sometimes just drink and go home.

FC Barcelona are the club synonymous with “Congratulations FC” and it hurts the fans more because, they do this more with the club’s eternal rival- Real Madrid, whenever the Los Blancos achieve success either in Europe or domestically.

I can understand Barcelona fans in the comment sections of such Congratulatory posts, believe me…it’s never a joyous sight to see actually, but it is what is.


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