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Betting : 5 things that can go wrong on a typical football weekend

January 22nd 2022, 11:01:33 am

Basic reasons why typical sporting weekends sometimes tend to end betting slips prematurely

Football weekends often times cause heartbreaks in sports betting

In as much as sport better and punters tend to get excited especially as the weekend arrives.

Saturday morning's especially in Nigeria among youths is normally adventurous, different sections of the populace have a dedicated activity they engage in as soon as they wake up, from full workouts to total laundry day and general clean up.

But none of these activities compares to the section of youths who are always on their mobile devices or in betting shops predicting outcomes of major sporting activities across the globe.

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Spending the majority of minutes and hours, fully focused, determined to conquer the bookies of the multi-million dollar sports betting industry.

But what happens, when tickets don't go according to plan?... I would certainly tell you I understand the look on your face right now.

However, we look at the five of the worst-case scenarios that could happen to you on a typical weekend:

1 One Game Cut Slip

This is one of the most common upsets in sports betting.

Imagine having played an impressive accumulator of 20 to 30 games of at least 1.15 odds and then at the end of the day, just one selection says 'NO....not today.

It's even more hurtful sometimes considering the number of actual winnings that could've found their way into your pockets.

One Game Cut would completely just make you look to the heavens and wail 'Why'.

But on other occasions, some bookmakers give you back your winnings even if one game cuts your slip like Sportybet, Nairabet and even Betway.

2 Surest Odd Cut Slip

This is one of the most painful outcomes of sports betting.

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When the banker teams and games decide to play out a reverse outcome and sometimes makes one beg to disagree that the match isn't fixed.

The worst part is banker odds are usually the least odds on the ticket between 1.05 and 1.20 odds most of the time.

In other cases, it could rise between 1.30 to 1.50 odds and could even rise to as much as 2 odds on rare occasions.

And who wouldn't be upset? Some might even go as far as air their frustrations on the comment sections of the sports team's social media pages cursing and throwing blames but the fact is- it won't still change the outcome.

Sadly, what's done is done.

3 Over plays Under

It's usually annoying in instances like these because most punters even after a series of analyses from experts and social media banter fail to understand how two high scoring teams would completely play out a scoreless result.

Then the match-fixing agenda pops up in your mind and you literally go back to check their head to head record and from the guide to justify why you made that selection.

You might even be sure that no key player is missing for that matter.

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But hey...nobody's saying you were wrong to make that selection, just that the reality is - it just didn't happen on that occasion.

And unfortunately, asking 'Why?' is never going to answer the question nor can anyone get a definite explanation.

4 All over in seconds

Imagine an accumulator of 15 or 20 to 25 games that have been going well or 'behaving themselves' as is the popular term.

And then the second to the last game on the ticket which is usually a late kick-off around the hours of 8:45 pm to 9:00 pm kicks off against the last banker early afternoon the next day.

At first in your mind, you're already 90 to 95% sure you're bringing it home., you might have even started promising your peeps left right and centre or might have started placing orders online for that product you've been planning to get for a long time.

In another scenario, you might have been out drinking and even ordering above your current expense because it seems so sure especially after the banker team takes the lead at halftime.

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And then, in a dramatic turn of events, the catastrophic wheel of fate cuts short that joy when the banker team gets a red card in the last 1o minutes of the game.

Still leading, you begin to beg the heavens and pray fervently as your life depends on it, the cool night breeze or heat isn't even enough for you.

You might have wanted to shower for the night after the game so you can enjoy your sleep better and wake up to one of your brightest mornings ever before you decide that the shower can wait just so you can get clarity on the fate of your ticket.

And at 90 minutes, all is still well but - you are prepared for a torrid additional time of 7 minutes and the away team levels on the 93rd minute.

Now your facial expression changes as swift as electricity travels, but it's not over yet as the game is still alive and you keep refreshing the scoreline like the game won't alert you itself because your mind tells you you're faster than the server or the live score app itself.

The final nail on the coffin hits hardest in the last minute of the game - a penalty is awarded to the away team and now you know...' it's in God's hands now.

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And then after refreshing and refreshing the scoreline, the penalty is converted and immediately it's FullTime or Ended that your mobile or device screen is left to console your eyes which could or should have been teary by now seeing how much you could've won and how close you came.

Trust me when I tell you, it's never funny...All Over in Seconds

5 First game Cut Slip

2 pm is a very delicate time in sports betting.

It's sometimes referred to as the 'determinant' or a ticket as this is the time when all early kick offs must have been concluded and your first two to four games are played.

But imagine that the very first game on your ticket ends prematurely when options like first 10 minutes draw or 1st half Over 0.5 or Home or Away clean sheet or even 1st half No Red Card and a host of many other options don't play out.

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Early heartbreaks like this are very popular in viewing centres especially when bankers in early kickoffs are on the verge of losing or are playing an unexpected outcome - you begin to see people take off from their seats immediately and swiftly around the concluding stages of the match to the nearest betting shops to tear their tickets and make fresh rebates so much so when they stand up you just know, 'Na dem' meanwhile others could easily do so codedly at the comfort of their devices.

The first game cut is a vibe killer, morale crusher by all standards and it's not hard to see why.


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