The disastrous showing of the

For the opening ceremony, Team Nigeria members were to wear an official outfit during their parade but many were surprised to see the athletes in tracksuits when they came out.


Over the years, Team Nigeria athletes are known for their flamboyant attires which showcase their vast cultural backgrounds.

In 2012 London Olympics, Team Nigeria athletes were colourful during the opening ceremony as they wore different types of native attire in Green, White, Green colours of Nigeria.

For Rio 2016, the athletes were just in tracksuits as the attires made for the opening ceremony could not make it to the Brazil.

After Team Nigeria parade, Nigerians took to social media to express their disappointments at the NOC.

The criticism continued when photos of the planned outfits emerged on social media.

Instead of the different types of native attires that showcase our variety of cultures, the female outfit is an ugly flowing gown while the male on was a black long coat, complimented with a hat and green pants .

This unfortunate incident comes after the Nigeria’s U-23 football team was stranded at their camp in Atlantaand only took off just few hours before their first game.

They managed to beat Japan 5-4 in their first group game in the football event of Rio 2016.