Jay-Z has been on rampage to sing the most lucrative American sports stars to his Roc Nation Sports outfit as he gradually enters into boxing promotion, but it seem he made the wrong move with 25 year-old Adrian Broner who threw the $40 million, 5 year deal to the face of the Hip Hop superstar.

Broner, a Super featherweight on boxer with a 30-29-22 told Jay-Z to shove the deal and said Rihanna was only good for "p****."

TMZ reports that the boxer has reneged, apologising for his wrong and wants to renegotiate

"I'm a man at the end of the day,’’ he said, adding ''I'm wrong and I can admit when I'm wrong."

Rapper 50 Cent lambasted the 25 year-old for rejecting the offer on the first place.

“He [Broner] shouldn’t have said that”