Several athletes have already pulled out, or are considering whether to feature at the Games, due to the virus.

Bogut, whose Golden State Warriors lead the NBA Finals 2-0 over the Cleveland Cavaliers, said he too was worried.

Speaking on Tuesday, the 31-year-old said his intention was still to go to Rio in August.

"As of right now, I'm 100 per cent committed and reading news articles and whatever I can to get more information about it and follow it closely," Bogut said.

"Like I said, I'd be lying to say I wasn't concerned about it, but as of now I'm going."

Bogut said the prospect of falling ill because of the virus was "pretty scary", as Australia prepare to face the United States, Venezuela, China and two other qualifiers in Group A.

Contrasting reports about the virus are also worrying Bogut, who said he would take very little of the International Olympic Committee's advice into consideration.

"All you can do is read the articles," he said.

"The issue is the Olympic Committee and the IOC are obviously saying everything's fine. No s***. They want you to go. I take it with a grain of salt what they're putting out.

"But there are people in the World Health Organisation and other high, prominent doctors around the world that are raising concerns.

"So I'm reading into those, and might have to buy a hazmat outfit to arrive, who knows?

"But, look, if it gets serious, there is going to be a conversation. I don't think it's overly serious but there are some concerns.

"Like I said, if you want to go somewhere and be bitten by a mosquito and come down with something, that's not something you want to risk."