Simidele Adeagbo became the first African woman to participate in the Skeleton category at any Winter Olympic games.

In a post on her official Instagram account, Simi posted a picture of her participating at the Winter Olympics alongside a message that said,  “Victory is mine! My heart is full. I’m overflowing with joy. I answered the call and served Nigeria with all my strength. This shining moment will live on in time forever.

The 36-year-old is proud that her efforts have got her this far, and even if there are no medals she is happy with her achievement of representing not just Nigeria but the continent at large.

After the Bobsled team became the first to qualify Nigeria for the Winter games, Simi got inspired by the achievements of her compatriots as she aimed to also represent Nigeriaat the global event, which she eventually accomplished.

"The world has now seen the first Nigerian, African and Black woman compete in the Skeleton at the Winter Olympics." she said

The Winter Olympics was an event relatively unknown to some Nigerians, however the exploits of Simidele and the Bobsled team have opened the doors for Nigerians to be Winter Sport athletes.

Simidele is proud of her achievements as she said, "The barrier is broken. The door is now open. The legacy is in place & the trail has been blazed for this chosen generation and those still to come. We will keep rising! ”

Her post talks about her legacy and history making achievement being the first time ever that the country will partake in the Skeleton category at the Winter Olympics.

Despite not making it to the podium as she finished 20th in a 20 woman event, Simi is proud of her accomplishments of being part of parading the country’s flag at the Winter Olympics, which will go down in History.