Richard’s last two business ventures were disappointing and left him in huge debt. He was still contemplating on what to do to appease his creditors when he saw a BetBiga ad banner online.

BetBiga’s offers looked amazing:

  • 100% welcome bonus of up to ₦50,000 when you register and make your first deposit.
  • Up to 30 games/betting options to be selected on a ticket and the chance of winning as high as ₦50m on one ticket.
  • Fastest pay-out time in the industry.
  • 200% Combo Boost Bonus that gives you the chance to earn up to 200% more on your bets when you combine/accumulate games on a betslip.
  • Odd feeds from the most accredited sources in the sports betting industry.

The company allows for accounts to be funded with as low as ₦200. That seemed like a fair amount for a try, so he funded his account and with his welcome bonus had a total of ₦5000 to spend.

He carefully selected the games, made use of BetBiga’s amazing odds and hoped that it would come through.

Halfway in, he was given a cash out option of about ₦4.5m. However, Richard persevered and held on till the last game on the ticket ended.

He could hardly believe his luck; all 30 predictions came through. He was a winner of ₦10m! In, less than 12 hours, he got his winnings credited to his bank account.

Life had given Richard a second chance. He was able to settle his debts, made some wise investments and opened new business ventures. Today, bankruptcy is a forgotten chapter in his life.

Be like Richard, seize this opportunity to change your life. Betbiga is committed to creating more value for its customers while keeping the excitement and passion alive.

Join BetBiga and win big today!!!!!

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