The most frequent sports betting mistakes made by punters

An overview of the most common mistakes made by sports punter and tips to minimize their reoccurrence

The most frequent sports betting mistakes made by punters

Part of being human is making mistakes even from situations we have already witnessed. This characteristic is also reflected in sports betting. On many occasions, punters (especially recreational punters), make repeated mistakes (some of which are totally avoidable) while gambling. As a matter of fact, the many mistakes punters make is one of the reasons why bookmakers hardly get bankrupt.

This write-up will take a look at some of the most common mistakes in sports betting and how to avoid them.

Sometimes, punters become greedy by trying to accumulate as many games as possible on a single slip with the hope of winning big with a relatively small stake. This is a very risky way of gambling as you will almost always lose to the bookmaker. To increase your chances, only pick selections that have higher chances and they should be few in numbers or divided into two tickets.

Many a time, our love for a particular team or an athlete clouds our judgment into believing that a team which is the clearly the underdog of a team will win. As a result, we bet on what we want rather than what is logically possible. Though nothing is guaranteed in betting, nonetheless, our betting should also be supported by what seems feasible. </p>

One of the weird thoughts every punter must have experienced is that losses can be quickly recovered. While it’s not practically impossible, a punter who just suffered a loss might not be in the right state to make a sound judgment. Setting a daily betting limit which is strictly followed will prevent this type of mistake from occurring.

With the means to reach a global audience at everyone’s fingertip, almost everyone with little knowledge of sport can be a “sports analyst” once they have a medium of communication (website, blog, YouTube channel and many more). The fact that the analyst is a former coach or player does not also guarantee that sound judgment will be reported at all times. To increase your winning chances, you should be able to sieve the information gotten from these parties.

While bookmakers are always willing to offer several promotional offers to punters just to influence their loyalty, the latter should know at all times that only the bookmaker offering the highest odds at all times deserve such loyalty. Odds should be compared among bookmakers before placing a bet.

It is a common occurrence among amateur punters to try their hands on multiple sports by leaving everything to chance. While winning is also possible with this method, the chances are usually low and haphazard. For optimum results, punters should bet on games they can relate with on so many grounds. 

You can most betting mistakes by improving your game reading skills, focusing on a sport, maintaining a solid bankroll system and by following expert advice available online:

In sports betting, avoiding all the mistakes (the ones listed above and many other less prominent ones) is not a guarantee that you will win because the nature of sports itself is fluid and highly volatile.

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