Ray Rice vs. Oscar Pistorius

Ray Rice, bruised and battered; Pistorius, pricked and pardoned?

Two things took the world by storm; two incidents nearly related in sequence and occurrence but different in outcomes. The two cases involving sportsmen, and actions carried out on their women; one living, the other dead

Ray Rice’s story is one sort of a domestic issue that could have been sorted within the confines of a home and family members, and it was; save for the Media’s blight on penchant matters being blown overboard, a young man now is left with his career hanging in the air and no idea when he is expected back on the run out in the NFL

Rice’s conduct was offensive, however, nobody wants to know the prelude to events, what the world is interested in, is the occurrence, sometime neglecting the aftermath.

Oscar Pistorius committed an offence, one which took a young sprouting life away; Reeva Steenkamp would have wished to be in the position of Janay Palmer Rice if she was left with an option, otherwise, she would not have been six feet under

As shameful as Rice’s conduct would seem, followed by the stupendous actions of the NFL and club Baltimore Ravens, hanging the young man’s career in the air; it is not as circumstantial as Pistorius’.

Rice and Janay finally married a month after their February 15 clash, and my question is thus

If two lovers fight (which is very normal, even science would tell you that a fight builds the love bond stronger with a reconciliatory spirit) why then should the media suffer yet another incredulous campaign to fight a lost course?

Without the merit of being judgemental, Pistorius is gradually walking away; at least with a lessened sentence over an incident that many like O J Simpson became irrelevant for

Ray has been banned, suspended and denied a second chance by the world, whilst Oscar Pistorius is gloomy, though apprehensive; according to the International Paralympic Committee(IPC)

A long linger gives the culprit more confidence that he would walk away unscathed; so is the case of Pistorious, why glorify the unjust whilst the remorseful sinner whose wife has forgiven, loved more and even sanctified is left in languor.

American boxer Floyd Mayweather, many would say is another sinner covering a sinner, confirmed it all when he said:

Many are guilty of Rice’s offence, they are just not caught on video

Fathom this, what if Oscar Pistorius shooting was captured on camera?


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