We may have to see a Super Bowl without crotch-grabbing.

Marshawn Lynch has been warned by the NFL that their referees will be on the lookout for his hands wandering down to his nether regions should he once again celebrate scoring a touchdown with an obscene gesture.

The NFL's vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino, said on Saturday that the entire Seattle Seahawks team has been warned that if Lynch decides he's "'bout that action" in Super Bowl XLIX, the team will be penalised.

Officials will be ready to hand out a 15-yard penalty if he does do it. Although that does apply for everyone, it does seem more aimed at Lynch.

The fines have not worked on the Seahawks running back in the past - he has been sanctioned twice this season for making an obscene gesture after scoring a touchdown - but perhaps a penalty in the biggest game of the year will.

If he does decide to make such a gesture after scoring, "that means they will kick off from the 20 yard line," Blandino told ESPN.

For the sake of the Seahawks, Lynch better only be grabbing footballs on Super Bowl Sunday.