Twitter reaction to Nico Rosbergs shock decision to quit F1 on Friday, just five days after winning a maiden world title:

"Well done Nico. More to life than chasing round in circles. Respect."

- Former world champion Damon Hill @HillF1

"I love my husband dearly but if he was home full time from the age of 31 then one of us would be doing time by now."

- Kelly McNish, wife of ex-F1 driver Allan McNish @KellyMcNishMC

"Boom! Nico you really surprised us there... Great champion, well deserved time off with your family and enjoy your success."

- Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz @carlosainz

"Respect, hope you will enjoy your time at the barbecue."

- Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg @HulkHulkenberg

"Definitely a great Champion!!!! Big admiration."

- Force India's Sergio Perez @schecoperez