Today is the 25th birthday of Al-Farouq Ajiede Aminu, an American-Nigerian professional basketball player.

These are five things you never know about him.

1. From a Nigerian royal family

Aminu father Aboubakar Aminu is from a descendant from a line of a Nigerian kings.

The specific kingdom in Nigeria is however not known yet.

"I'm a prince,"Aminu once told a reporter.

Aminu's father is from Nigeria, and his mother from New York. He was born in Atlanta, and grew up in nearby Stone Mountain, Georgia.

2. Violent past

Aminu was arrested after shooting a woman with a BB gun out of a car window and charged with aggravated assault and criminal trespassing.

He plead the charge down and served three years of probation along with doing 120 hours of community service.

3. He has never been to Nigeria

Despite being a Nigeria international basketball player, Aminu has never been to Nigeria.

Aminu competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics and also the at the 2015 FIBA Africa Championship which Nigeria won.

He was also named into the All Star Five of the Afrobasket 2015 in Tunisia.

4.  His brother, Alade Aminu, alos plays for Nigeria

Aminu's brother, Alade is also a basketball player and also played for Nigeria in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

5. He once denied Nigeria

Despite being a member of Nigeria senior basketball team, Aminu insists he is not a Nigerian.

He was once asked US celebrity news website about his nationality and blatantly denied being a Nigerian.

Aminu clearly stated he wasn't a Nigerian and had never stepped foot inside the country.

"I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia but my dad is Nigerian", the former LA Clippers player said.

Check out the video below: