They might be two of the 'baddest' men on the planet but UFC star Israel Adesanya and heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua could only wince from tasting hot sauce in a Youtube show.

Adesanya and Joshua featured together in a crazy hot sauce challenge on the show called Hot Ones on First We Feast YouTube's channel.

Hot Ones is a show where celebrities are interviewed by host Sean Evans over a platter of increasingly spicy chicken wings.

For this episode, both Adesanya and Joshua who are Nigerian-born fighters are made to have a taste of spicy chicken wings anytime they choose not to answer a tricky question.

Adesanya is the first to have a bite from a spicy chicken wing when he refuses to name journalists who he does not like.

He insists he has forgotten the names of the journalists but Joshua makes him take a bite.

The first bite does nothing really to the UFC star; “We are from Nigeria, we know about spices,” he tells the host.

Israel Adesanya and Anthony Joshua tried out spicy sauce and chicken wings on the show (Youtube/First we Feast)
Israel Adesanya and Anthony Joshua tried out spicy sauce and chicken wings on the show (Youtube/First we Feast)

Joshua chooses to take a bite of the spicy chicken when he refuses to answer a question about the last movie that made him cry.

He shows reluctance in adding the sauce to his chicken but Adesanya urges him on; “I promise you, it’s not that bad. You’ll be alright.”

“It’s just like chicken suya, e dey for Makoko,” Adesanya says again dropping Nigerian references.

With a hotter sauce in the final round, Adesanya decides to try another bite. He gets a taste of it and pulls a face as he feels the burning sensation.

As the show ends, Adesanya urges them to continue with the challenge; “Omo Naija, we are from Ogun State,” he says.

Adesanya and Joshua are both originally from Ogun State Nigeria although the former identifies more with his Nigerian roots as he was born in Lagos.

The UFC star moved to New Zealand when he was 10 and although he carries a New Zealand passport, he still identifies with his Nigerian origin.

Joshua is different although he still identifies with his Nigerian roots, he was born and brought up in the United Kingdom.

Adesanya’s appearance on the show is part of his media duties ahead of his fight against Paulo Costa on Saturday, September 26.