John McEnroe would be interested in coaching Andy Murray but the legendary American said a reunion with Ivan Lendl could pay off for the world number two.

Murray split with Amelie Mauresmo last month and said he was in no hurry to appoint a replacement, with Jamie Delgado stepping up to take the role of coach.

The two-time grand-slam champion, who was beaten by Novak Djokovic in his first French Open final on Sunday, said he would "love to" employ Lendl again two years after the pair's parting of the ways.

And McEnroe thinks Murray would benefit from having legendary Czech Lendl in his corner once again.

McEnroe, a seven-time slam winner, said: "I think it would be an interesting thought. He had great success before and I don't see why he would not do it.

"I am not sure if the baggage that took place when they broke up… I don’t know if that was really mutual or if it was Andy or Ivan. I don't know if it is like going back out with your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

"On paper, it potentially makes some sense to me. I mean he has got Delgado, so he has a coach, but he might want to bring in a second guy – the 'looking for some extra attention' guy!

"I fall into that category too, by the way – that was my ­attempt at a joke. But it would not surprise me and it might even make sense. It might not work. It is an interesting thought."

McEnroe agreed to work with Milos Raonic at Wimbledon and the charismatic seven-time major champion said he would be open an offer from Murray if it came along.

"When you look at someone who's that good, you're always interested. Andy is extremely professional. He won a couple of majors. So you're talking about the cream of the crop." he added.

"I don't recall ever getting a call. It depends on what type of commitment you're talking about and for how long. There was never any discussion.

"I never heard from anyone. It’s been a win-win for Boris [Becker] and Novak as an example. I think clearly my old rival Ivan Lendl made a positive difference with Andy."