Nigerian-born UFC star Israel Adesanya recently got on a video call with music star Burna Boy where they had a conversation about a couple of things.

Adesanya is currently training ahead of his UFC Middleweight title defence against rival Paul Costa on Sunday, September 27, 2020.

Ahead of the fight, Pulse got hold of a recording of a video call between him and Burna Boy.

The New Zealand Mixed Martial Artist is riding in a car as he chats with Burna and says he’s just returning from training.

In the clip, they start off talking about Burna Boy’s latest album Twice as Tall and the UFC star reveals that Wetin dey Sup, is his best record on the project.

That’s the track for us,” Burna responds.

When Adesanya reveals that he is just returning from training, Burna asks how many times the athlete trains in a day.

“Any way from two to four depending on the day,” Adesanya says.

Also in the chat, Burna Boy reveals that he would have been a fighter if he had not gone into music.

Most definitely. I used to do boxing a little bit,” the Afrobeats star says.

After his trip to Nigeria in 2019, Adesanya says he was planning another one which is now being threatened by the coronavirus pandemic.

Israel Adesanya visited Nigeria in 2019 (Instagram/Israel Adesanya)
Israel Adesanya visited Nigeria in 2019 (Instagram/Israel Adesanya)

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Burna, however, convinces him to plan a Christmas trip to Nigeria while he agrees to.

Born in Nigeria, Adesanya joined his family to migrate to New Zealand when he was 12 and is now a citizen of the island country.

Despite being a citizen of New Zealand, the 31-year-old hugely identities with his Nigerian youth.

In an interview with Pulse just before his last fight in October 2019, he spoke of his homecoming to Nigeria, which he called a humbling experience.

It was humbling, from the airport, I wanted to sneak in but they mobbed me. They jumped on me, screamed and were very happy,” he told Pulse.

I came for inspiration, and also for my own selfish reasons. I came for the Suya, pounded yam and everything I miss about my country.”

He also has plans to introduce more Nigerians to the Martial Arts.