The Australian has been nursing a rib complaint over recent months that cut short his campaign last term.

However, having rested up in the off-season, he is now raring to get back on court as the Warriors look to improve on their run to the play-offs in 2013-14.

Bogut was a crucial part of the their push in the Western Conference but was then sidelined for the post-season when he fractured a rib in the 119-117 defeat to Portland Trailblazers in April.

In his absence, Golden State were narrowly beaten over the series by the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the play-offs, but Bogut believes both the franchise - and he - are in good shape ahead of the new season.

Speaking to NBA Australia, the 29-year-old said: "It [the injury] was an issue that healed in the summer. It was a six-to-eight-week thing. I woke up one morning in late June and it felt great.

"Having said that, it was a frustrating injury because there wasn't anything I could do rehab-wise or physio-wise, I just had to rest and relax and I did so."

Asked if his off-season had been hindered by the problem, Bogut added: "When I'd injured myself just before the play-offs they said that this would need two to four weeks to calcify and then it would fully heal within two months, so I knew that the following season wouldn't be an issue and preparation for it has not been.

"I want to get to the next stage of the play-offs. We think we're play-off team and the best way to prove that is to make the play-offs first, then you get to make a push.

"I hate to put a number on it or put a certain round in the play-offs but a goal for us is the second round and beyond.

"Having said that, the Western Conference is freakishly good and it has improved again in the off-season, with most teams staying solid and not losing too many guys."