He himself been a former convict for a crime committed on then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, Chris Brown has some advice for suspended NFL Running back, Ray Rice

Speaking on MTV, Chris said:

Chris did also reveal that he still takes anger management lessons and that it all depends on avoiding becoming a monster

‘PHAT GIRLZ’ star Mo’nique also spoke out in support of second chance for Ray Rice, joining the club of a few popular voices calling for the former Baltimore Ravens star to be pardoned

She appeared on an American show "Good Day L.A." on FOX 11, where she explained why she thinks the 27 year-old Rice deserves a second chance and why the beauty in his wife’s forgiveness

Ray and Janay Rice look to have moved on stronger amidst the controversies

The couple were seen in public, together with their daughter Saturday in a high game, in New Rochelle High School; where Ray began his American football career

He did not speak with the media during and after the game but he was given words of support by the school’s football coach, despite the fact his Jersey had been pulled down from Rochelle High School

According to , NRHS won the game and the coach said that Ray would always be a part of the school family…