After a fantastic breakout year, Ziadu Sanusi had the opportunity to continue his progress in the Champions League, where he had dropped some impressive performances.

The task was to hold Cristiano Ronaldo and his Juventus at bay as the Italian champions stormed the Estadio do Dragao searching for a favourable result in the first leg of the Round-of-16 tie.

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But how did the Nigerian left-back fare in the game?

It was in defence the Nigerian player pulled his weight in his 90-minute appearance in the game. He wasn’t dribbled all night and won all of his duels, including the one against Ronaldo and others against the likes of Dejan Kulusevski and Federico Chiesa.

Offensively, he didn’t make any impact as Juventus dominated possession all through. It’s a testament to how well the Sérgio Conceição-coached Porto defended that they won the game 2-1 and limited Juve to very few chances.

Sanusi was part of that unit and pretty well shut down the left side of defence until Juve’s 82nd-minute goal.

He lost his concentration and got too sucked in on a cross from the left that he forgot Chiesa was wide open on the right leaving the Juve No. 22 to get one goal for the Bianconeri.

It was a significant slip that put his side at a disadvantage with a goal for Juve ahead of the second leg.

Aside from that slip, Sanusi also failed to provide an outlet for Porto on the left of attack. It often left their attack frustrated that no player was open from the left.

The Nigeria international was also lucky that a moment of madness at the death was costly for his side. In added times, the 23-year-old clattered into Ronaldo, who had the ball in the Porto area.

Luckily for Sanusi, the referee waved away Ronaldo’s appeal for a penalty.