HC Spartak Moscow announced an injury to their female football star Yulia Ushakova through a picture of her 'naked'.

The Russian club took a different approach to informing the public about an in jury to a player with the picture which has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

The female football star suffered an injury to het leg but that has not been the topic of discussion on social media as the picture of her lying on a treatment table with only an underwear has generated massive conversations on social media.

Yulia Ushakova

The club posted the picture which has now gone viral along with a message on the severity of her injury on their official Twitter account.

The message read, "Trauma to the lower body of our leading Julia Ushakova. #Спартак placed the attacker on the list of traumatized."

Yulia Ushakova also took to her official Instagram handle to give updates about the severity of her injury and the progress.

She said, "I twisted my ankle, two broken nails. My wrist will be corrected, and when I go for the manicure, the problem will be solved. I started the week badly.

"I will solve the 'women's problems' in terms of the degree of significance, first I'll remove the wrinkles, then to the manicure. And the ankle itself will pass.

"Let's see how cosmetics works @celltense_russia. To all, a cool and positive start of the week!"

"The ankle has recovered, everything in order,Start working with the group and prepare the next matches at home."

Several social media users have given negative remarks about the development which has outraged a number of female footballers as the club has been accused of sexism.

Th 28-year-old has not however deemed the picture not be out of proportion as she also posted it own her own Instagram account.