Monaco Vs Club Brugge

The thread of jokes was about the huge difference in managing a team and his former job as a pundit at Sky Sports.

“Thierry Henry took over a team in 19th without a win & promised to play like Guardiola's team. That's like promising you will drive as fast as a Ferrari when you just inherited a Datsun. That level of delusion is weapon grade. Too much time winning games on a touchscreen does that,” Twitter user Biola Kazeem wrote.

“Monaco 0 - 4 Brugge. Just like Fashola, Thierry Henry was very critical of other Managers before he came to power Today, he has the Job. "ZERO" Megawatts,” Twitter user @akaebube wrote.

“Really can’t help this feeling of schadenfreude at Thierry Henry finding out there’s a world of difference between the cosy comfort of the SKY studios and the unforgiving perimeters of a manager’s touchlinem” @MoAmali wrote.

“Watching Thierry Henry suffer gives me so much joy. Now you gonna know Being a Manager is not beans. Android Pep Guardiola,” @EffaEkun wrote.

“Thierry Henry is enduring a Torrid time as Monaco Manager. His Team got Thrashed 4 - 0 tonight by Minnows, Club Brugge. He is going to understand that Managing in football is not quite the same thing as being a Pundit,” @TweetOracle said.

“I kind of love how the REAL aspect of being a manager is humbling Thierry Henry. There's talking and there's walking your talk,” @Kelvin_Odanz wrote.

‏”What do you make of Thierry Henry's horrible start to his managerial career with AS Monaco, considering the fact that he used to have solution to every managerial problem on Sky Sports??,” @jackdre02 asked.

Twitter reactions to Thierry Henry's fifth loss as Monaco boss

During Monaco’s game which was one of the early kick-off on the Tuesday Champions League night, Henry dominated conversations on Twitter and was the number one trending item on Twitter Nigeria.