The trending topic of the summer of 1958 was Pele. The seventeen year-old was the undoubted star of that summer's World Cup in Sweden where his six goals, including two in the final helped Brazil lift the trophy.

Men talked about how skillful, powerful and quick he was while Women talked about how tall, dark and handsome he was: Pele's face graced billboards, magazine covers, home appliances and cereal boxes.

He was constantly in the news which made him one of the most instantly recognizable people in the world. He was RSVP to the best parties, he had reserved tables at the finest restaurants and he had first right on refusal on every vagina in the world; Everywhere he went, he was photographed, cheered and hugged- and he hated it all.

Pele's monumental success had come at the price of his privacy and cliche as it might sound, if he could he would have traded all of his success in exchange for some peace and quietness.

He was grateful to the people who offered to assist him at the shopping mall but he could damn well carry his own bags. And he appreciated all the restaurateurs who offered him free dinners but no matter how highly regarded it was a delicacy, he just could not stomach raw fish.

Pele had gone from being able to peacefully buy empadinhas de palmito  by the roadside to not being able to wear a brown belt with black shoes for fear of being labeled a misfit by the fashion police. In the past, he had committed many a fashion faux pas without consequence and he wished to do so again.

In order to regain his anonymity, Pele took to traveling incognito. He procured several guiles which he employed to varying degrees of effectiveness.