Footballers may not be stylists or fashionistas; some do not even give care to what they wear, except how they play

There are some players till date who have are recorded not to have been seen on suit, save track wears and sports apparels

In as much as there are very many stars who now recognise the place of Fashion in sports, we will pay recognition to these ones

They have headlined red carpets, some of which have also been selected sexiest men and women alive

Recently, People Magazine for Latin America chose Colombia international James Rodriguez as the sexiest man alive for 2014

Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo is also voted the fittest man alive by Men’s Health Magazine for the year 2014

In no particular, we headline 10 Fashionable footballers, selected based on their international profile and current status as a footballer, so if the name David Beckham is missing, you know why!