A family member of late

Four time Super Eagles coach, Amodu died on Saturday, June 11 after complaining of chest pains the previous night. He was buried that same day.

According to a relative of the late Amodu, until his death, the coach was not paid for seven months (N800,000 per month).

“He was not having money to meet his family obligations and to take care of himself and his 8 children,” the source said.

It was also revealed that he was constantly pressing the NFF to pay his salaries so he could take care of his family.

“He was also to process the papers for the huge amount owed him by Edo State Govt. He even bailed one of our brothers from a police station,”  Pulse Sport sources stated.

The General Secretary of the NFF, Mohammed Sanusi has also confirmed the Federation is owing the late coach.

Instead of the seven months alleged by the relative, Sanusi said the coach Amodu was owed for just two months.

Amodu family will be paid the owed amount, the NFF have confirmed.