In an exclusive interview with Pulse Sports, Samuel Onyedikachuwu Nnamani explained his rise to stardom from the slums in Lagos to Sweden in Europe.

Nnamani who was born on June, 3 1995 is 23-years-old and currently plays for Sweden Allsvenskan side Athletic Football Club Eskilstuna.

Like most Nigerian professional footballers, Nnamani explained that he started his career with passion playing from the streets of Lagos before joining up with a developmental local club side which helped nurture his talents to become an export to Europe.

He said, “I was born and brought up in Lagos Nigerian in Ajegunle, i started playing football in the street of Ajegunle then I started in a grassroots club called Trinity FC.

“We trained at Tego barrack, it was like 10 to 12km away from my home and I walked with my leg almost everyday to train but the disadvantage of that venue it was hidden people don’t usually come around to watch.”

Samuel stated that he switched clubs while in Nigeria before moving to Europe where he played for three Serbian outfits before settling in Sweden. 

Samuel Nnamani started his football career on the streets of Ajegunle [Celebrity Timeout]

“I had to change to another team called Casa FC and it was closer to my home then I moved to Europe.

“Before joining my previous clubs were FK Jagodina, FK Donji Srem, FK Sloboda Uzice.”

Samuel did not play in the Nigeria Professional Football League side (NPFL) before he moved to Europe and in the interview revealed his role models growing up, plans to change clubsides while stating that he aims to wear the green and white for the Super Eagles in the future.

On his childhood heroes he said, “My childhood hero was Delima Ronaldo.

"I will say I don’t have any player style I don’t really know if I will leave my recent club this season was my best season and I have some offers but not 100%, 2022 is four years from now.

Samuel Nnamani hopes to play for the Super Eagles in the coming future [celebrity timeout]

“I hope someday before then I will get a call up for Nigerian national team. it will be the greatest honor of my life to be there but still, i just have to work more harder and wait for that opportunity.

“My goals and target for the coming five years is to play for the biggest league in the world and play for my country.

“I think is the biggest dream of every professional football player an honor and pleasure to play for national team it just the best feeling to all upcoming football players.”

Samuel will hope to start the season on a high when AFC Eskilstuna begin their league campaign against IFK Göteborg on Sunday, March 31.