Action brewed last week across Europe that raised eyebrows as to the extremity of the challenges and calls in the game and more so they were in the top European football leagues; England, Spain and Italy.

A rather strange event it was in Spain in the game between Real Madrid and Cordoba at the latter’s home ground, Archangel Stadium.

Strangely seen of Ronaldo, the three time World footballer of the year’s f rustration got to an uncontrollable state that he kicked and punched Edimar, then smacking another Cordoba player's face with the arm, while score was 1-1, he was sent off in the 82 minute. Thanks to a Gareth Bale goal, Madrid ran away 1-2 winners.

His action however, nears nothing to AC Milan defender Philippe Mexes rage on two Lazio players at the weekend..

His frustration set off towards the end of the tie; with Milan throwing away a first half 1-0 lead, they went down 3-1 at the end of the match.

The Frenchman grappled with Stefano Mauri after exchanging words with him, he pounced on Lorik Cana, appearing to have grabebd the player's throat. He was shown a straight red.

There were no premiership games England the past week, except FA Cup games.

The clash between Blackburn Rovers and Swansea City sums up the list of ugly games of the week in Europe with Kyle Bartley’s straight red.

Unlike Ronaldo and Mexes, Bartley’s happened quite early in the seventh minute when he put his arms across Blackburn man, Josh King and dragged him down.

An act the referee awarded a straight red card, stating that the Bartley was the last man in defence for Swansea.

The visitors lost the game, 3-1 at the end of 90 minutes.