Ghana international, Asamoah Gyan is heavily accused of killing late close friend and rapper, Castro, with whom he did award winning song ‘African Girls’

The ate Castro was involved in a Jet Ski accident in a resort in Ghana where Gyan was with him on holiday, Castro’s girlfriend was also involved in the accident

The girl’s body was found, but until the time of filing this report, Theophilus ‘Castro’ Tagoe’s  body is yet to be found since July when the accident occurred, and the rapper’s family suspect foul play

The allegation has gone as far as unrest to Gyan’s family who strongly deny any truth in the rumour and the Al Ain man has scheduled a press conference to address the issue

The Gyan Family held a press conference on Wednesday to address the allegation and other matters of public interest involving the other Gyan brothers.

''Relentless efforts are still being made to find the missing duo.

In the conference, lawyer to the Gyan family, Kissi Agyabeng read out the family's position to the press

''On Friday 4 July 2014, , the captain of the national football team (the Black Stars), his elder brother (a former Black Stars player), and some of their close friends and associates, checked into at Ada for a weekend vacation.

''The trip (Safari getaway) itself was not remarkable in any respect, but for the unfortunate events of Sunday 6 July 2014. It was not remarkable because it is the annual practice of the core group that went to Ada to go on a weekend vacation at the end of the football calendar.

''books the rooms in his name, and he allocates them to Asamoah Gyan’s invitees at his discretion.

''The core group of invitees congregated variously at the Shell station at the Tema Motorway roundabout, from where the team set off.

''The core group had dinner at the restaurant at Aqua Safari Resort and took boat rides on the Volta River thereafter. The boats, numbering three (3), were rented from the resort. The boat rides terminated without incident at about 10:30 p.m. The core group then proceeded to the poolside of the resort for a night barbecue, which ran well into the morning of Saturday 5 July 2014. As is their custom, Asamoah Gyan and Castro entertained guests at the poolside with live singing performances.

''The team checked out of Aqua Safari Resort on Saturday 5 July 2014 and checked into Peace Holiday Resort soon thereafter.

''The core group spent the better part of the incident-free 5 July at Peace Holiday Resort, ending the day with a live band party which also featured, again, performances by the hiplife duo – Castro and Baby Jet (Asamoah Gyan).

''on Sunday 6 July 2014, the core group had breakfast at Part of the group, including and , took boat rides to Aqua Safari resort to rent jet skis. The skis were rented by the individual members from the management of Aqua Safari Resort and each person was made to sign a generic form that purports to indemnify the resort against unhappy events that may ensue.

''All the riders, including Castro, were provided with and, indeed, wore contraptions intended as life jackets. Castro wore a bright reddish colour of the said contraption.

''At some point during the jet ski rides, Asamoah Gyan suggested that the core group play a volley ball game at the sandy river end of Aqua Safari Resort. All the jet ski riders of the core group, except Castro, disembarked at Aqua Safari Resort for the volley ball game.  Castro indicated that he wanted to ride a little bit longer. The other members of the core group, who were at Peace Holiday Resort, including were called in to join the others at . They left in groups of three (3) or four (4) on boats rented from Peace Holiday Resort to join the volley ball game at Aqua Safari Resort.

''Castro rode for the last time from Aqua Safari Resort to Peace Holiday Resort where Baffour Gyan and a few others, including , and were waiting for their turn to take the boat ride to Aqua Safari Resort.

''When Castro got to Peace Holiday Resort Janet Bandu requested to ride on the jet ski with him, and he obliged her. While she was climbing on board Castro’s jet ski, Baffour Gyan noticed that she was not wearing a life jacket. He immediately shot up to his feet and remonstrated with Castro to ensure that Janet wore a life jacket before setting off. Castro sped off, as soon as Janet sat behind him, toward the estuary – in the direction of where the Volta joins the Atlantic. They have not returned, eighty (80) odd days since they set off.

''While the volley ball game was still on, Samuel Anim Addo, was called aside by a staff of Aqua Safari Resort – who informed him that a call had been placed through to Aqua Safari Resort from a resort located in the area that one of the jet skis belonging to Aqua Safari Resort had been spotted on the Volta River without its occupant(s). A head count showed that Castro and Janet had not returned.

The Gyan Family used the opportunity to officially respond to some allegations and untruths bundled about in the media on other Gyan children.