The 33-year-old is the only player who wears long sleeved jersey in the Portuguese national team and it is understood with the exception of him no one else is allowed to wear it in the team.

Ronaldo’s amazing preference for long sleeved jersey has made people to start asking the reason why he prefers it to short sleeved jersey.

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Designed by the major sport product manufacturers, jersey engineers and designers explain the reasons behind long-sleeve focuses on the following areas;

The long sleeves keep players warm and ensures they stay dry and comfortable all match long

To stay warm in cold Weather

To help against turf burns when they dive

And also because long sleeves looks cool/perhaps swag

Aside Ronaldo, other footballers namely Antoine Griezmann, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Rooney, Daniel Sturridge, etc all love to wear long sleeved jersies.