Raheem Sterling has been caught twice on tape smoking, now a third photo of him smoking a shisha pipe has emerged again.

In the new photo obtained by the UK , Reheem Starling is joined by his fellow Liverpool teenage, Jordon Ibe.

In the photos, the two forwards are seen sitting together  and are both holding shisha pipes.

Jordon Ibe in the photos is wearing a red hoodie and ripped black jeans while holding a shisha pipe and sitting next to Sterling, who is wearing a tight white v-neck t-shirt and blue jeans..

The photos are believed to have been taken in a London bar earlier this season according to Daily Mail report.

On top of a table in their front are cans of Fanta orange drinks, shisha pipes, and a portable music speaker.

This will be the third time Sterling's smoking tape will published in the space of one week.

The Sunday Mirror  published aundefined and just yesterday, .

Sterling's representative has refused to comment on the series of photos according to the British media while Liverpool have revealed that they have started an investigation into the case.