A German member of the Federation of International Football (FIFA) Executive Committee, Theo Zwanziger claimes on Monday that gulf nations Qatar will be stripped of the 2022 hosting rights due to the scorching heat ravaging the middle-east country

the former German football (DFB) chief told German paper Bild

Although Qatar is trying to mitigate the harsh conditions with technologies that will see all the World Cup stadia, training areas and fan zone equipped with Air Conditioning system that still has not called off protests, especially from the west

Zwanziger told the german paper

International news agency Reuters tried to confirm the position of FIFA EXCO, to ascertain if Zwanziger spoke a consensus thought

When contacted, FIFA officials refuted the German’s claim, adding thst he was only speaking his mind and not a general decision

Fifa spokewoman Delia Fischer said:

Sepp Blatter last may, in an interview with Swiss TV station RTS said it was a mistake awarding Qatar the hosting right and that the tournament would have to be moved towards the European winter period if Qatar would still retain the rights

Blatter added.

Officials of the Asian Football Confederation this month had a meeting to discuss the issues hovering around the World Cup and deliberated on shifting the tournament kick off forward or behind the usual June/July calendar

They are proposing a January/February kick-off or November/December kick-off, which has also met opposition from domestic leagues around the world who say it will affect the seasonal calendar.