One-on-one with Fanny Amun, ex-Eaglets coach speaks on Nigeria missing out of the Nations Cup, the NFF and the Super Falcons

The state of Nigerian football since the crisis which rocked the Football federation still raises dust emerged in the media.

The Nations Cup is currently ongoing without the presence of the Super Eagles and that alone has lost a lot of interest for many Nigerians who do not see why they should watch the tournament.

Ace sports administrator, Fanny Amun shares his insight in this chat with Pulse Sports.

Pulse Sports: Where does court matters on the election which still linger even months after the NFF elections take Nigerian Football?

Amun: Issues on the election differences will always be there as long as people feel aggrieved over the process which is personal but there is always a reason for a child to cry. The interesting part is that all the parties and members are friends and brothers from one great family, though with diverse interest that is not alien to sport matters. It is also important to know that the NFF congress remain supreme in all football matters and the tenure of president Amaju Melvick Pinnick is on going as the duly elected Winner of the 2014 elective congress of the Nigeria Football Federation.

Pulse Sports:  What could be the possible outcome of the whole process with FIFA requesting an internal crisis resolution?

Amun: The position of FIFA in all football matters is always for parties to maintain fairness with a level play ground to all parties in all issues. In this case it is definitely the NFF congress that could ascertain this fact if the elective congress conforms with the status as at the time of the said congress in Warri in line with the approved NFF status. People who fault the decisions of a legitimate congress have a reason but such crises are envisaged. It will definitely resolve itself for the simple reason that a one family still exist between the aggrieved parties and the positive role of each person is needed to achieve a virile federation.

Pulse Sports: Do you agree that Nigeria would have added more glamour to 2015 African Cup of Nations?

Amun: Our present football position has nothing to do with the strong status that I have in our ability to rank as one of the best three teams in the African continent and also rank as one of the best 50 teams in the world.

Performances are in two folds; either on paper or reality on ground. What you earn can never be cancelled, the obvious reason is known to us that Nigeria failed to qualify. Our non qualification is like the lyric from music legend late Bob Marley's song with a resolve that those who fight and run away live to fight another day. Despite our pitiable plight this same team was the defending champions of the Orange Nations cup with a superlative performance in the course of prosecuting the last world cup finals in Brazil. The million questions to ask is if the Federation and the team know the implication of non-qualification as the defending champion of the continental competition? The answer is definitely yes. Apportioning blames should not be an option to any serious country.

Pulse Sports: With the surpricing results churning out in the competition, what is your assessment of African Football?

Amun: You cannot speak on a team not until your are fully informed on the stages of getting a team prepared in the stages of Administration, technical and performance stages. There is always a level playground for teams to earn what is due them genuinely in the spirit of fair play. In your words were that of your opinion which you have a right. It has being an interesting one with the competition reviling and the youths are on parade. The gains will be a strong and competitive qualification games ahead of the next Orange nations cup and the 2018 FIFA world cup finals.

Pulse Sports: With your knowledge as a former manager, would you say the foreign managers are doing better than the African coaches at AFCON 2015?

Amun: I am definitely the wrong person to determine a manager with color and nationality but it is interesting to see the la cream of names that have made name. Everyone is assumed to be knowledgeable in the game after acquiring these level of exposure but in all you intend to achieve what makes the difference; it's just the exceptional attitude that one puts into every endeavor.

Mr Mike Emenalor of Chelsea football club is a good example of an exceptional attitude worker in a Nigerian making wave in a foreign land were preferences are given to performances and not nationality.

Pulse Sports: Which teams would you put your money on to play the final and finally win the trophy?

Amun: I don't fall into the shoe of the soothsayer. In my word it is clear that the event will unveil surprises considering the youthful nature of teams participation and the gains will definitely translate to the next Orange nations cup finals and strong hold in the qualification of the continents participation in the 2018 FIFA world cup finals.