A new study has revealed that

Premier League 2017/2018 season

ESPN in partnership with Intel and the University of Bath came together to conduct a research reviewing a total of 157 incidents to produce a Premier League table from the 2017-2018 season without luck.

The incidents include incorrectly disallowed goals, wrongly awarded penalties red cards.

According to the research, Manchester United gained an extra six points by luck while Liverpool were unluckily denied 12 points.

On the Premier League table without the factor of Lady Luck, Manchester United dropped to fourth while Liverpool finished second in the table.

Manchester City remained on top without luck just like the real Premier League chart and Tottenham also retained the third position.

Arsenal would have finished fifth if they had a little more luck with Chelsea dropping to the sixth position.

Stoke City lost four points through poor decisions which would have seen them escape relegations.