A new footage has emerged which shows

Pogba played a crucial role in France’s successful World Cup campaign but the new video has shown that his influence was way beyond the field of play.

Paul Pogba's 2018 World up campaign

Minutes before the final, the 25-year-old teammates reminded his teammates of the importance of the game with a very motivating speech.

'90 minutes away from history'

“Boys, I don't want to talk too much, we all know where we are, we all know what we want, we know how far we have come," Pogba is heard saying in the video as his teammates grouped in the centre of the changing room.

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“We know it in our hearts, in our eyes. I can see it boys, we are concentrated. We cannot forget. Maybe I am repeating myself.

“'We are 90 minutes away from possibly making history. 90 minutes. One match. One match.

“I don't know how many matches we have played in our careers but this is one match that changes everything. That changes all of history.

“There are two teams, there is one trophy. For them it is the same, they want it. We know we lost a final (Euro 2016). We know it. We feel it in our hearts. It's still in our heads. Today we are not going to let another team take what is ours.

“Tonight I want us to be in the memory of all the French people who are watching us. Their children, their children's children, and their children's children's children. I want us to go onto the pitch as warriors, as leaders.”

After his speech at the dressing room, Pogba went on to back up his talk with a fine performance, scoring France’s third goal in their 4-2 win over Croatia to lift the title.