Nigerian football has hit quite a number of crises in recent times and this has affected the capacity of this industry to solve the problems it could.

The Nigerian football industry could create over 500,000 new jobs for Nigerian youth. But, that won't be possible if it remains at the state it currently is.This November, The Change Group will partner with Pulse Ng to execute the very first Nigerian Football Development Convention, coming up on November 3rd and 4th, 2014. One of the ways to create a better Nigeria, is to improve our football. If we get our football right, we would have solved 10% of the problem of unemployment in this country.The convention will involve top professionals from the football world; ranging from ex-footballers to media personalities, football club executives and entrepreneurs.The event will run over  two days with six world-class panel sessions.- What's Wrong with Nigerian Football?- Developing Football Talents in Nigeria.- The Role of the Media in Football Development.- Creating Networks between the Entertainment Industry and the Football Industry.- Running a Successful Football League in Nigeria- Creating Job Opportunities through Nigerian Football.

Registration is open for participants here and for free