Liverpool star Mohamed Salah showed off his accuracy of the pitch in an advert for a popular food drink.

The 26-year-old Egypt international is rated one of the best players in world football following his consistent successful performances over the course of his Liverpool career. 

Salah was in action but failed to find the back of the net as Liverpool were held to a 1-1 draw by West Ham on Monday.

He took to his official Instagram account to post a short video clip of his recording for the advert with a caption, “Behind the scenes...”

In the video, Salah fired a shot through a tyre then put a can of Pepsi on a tyre and was spot on accurate to hit his target after some keepy-ups

However, supporters of the Egypt star were divided about the authenticity of the video clip which showed impeccable accuracy consistently.

Some of the fans argued the clip was real while some of was of the opinion that Salah was incapable of making the shots in the advert accurately twice in a role.

Fowler on Salah

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler recently also was complimentary to Salah for his showing and unselfishness on the pitch of play.

Mohamed Salah has been in good form for Liverpool this season
Mohamed Salah has been in good form for Liverpool this season

Speaking to the Liverpool website he said, “It might be a case of other players or other staff like the manager saying: "You take the pens and we'll help you score more goals, we'll help you become a more rounded player.

“He's not unbelievably greedy or unbelievably selfish so I wouldn't read much into it in that way, but I think his game has changed and he does look a little bit focused or a little bit more direct in terms of wanting to score goals and to be a great goalscorer. I think at times you do need to have a little bit of selfishness about you and he has got that.

“I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing, but if you look at all the great strikers of yesteryear - whether they played for Liverpool or not - they've always had that little bit of greed in them, so it's good for him and it's certainly good for us.”

Salah will hope to rediscover his goalscoring touch when Liverpool take on Bournemouth in their next Premier League encounter scheduled for Saturday, February 9.