Balogun earns thousands of Euros every week as a Bundesliga star, playing for Mainz in Germany.

Born to a Nigerian father and a German mum, the 29-year-old said his parents don’t ask him for money because they are not entitled to it.

'It's my money'

“My parents for example, even if I give them something, they would not accept it, because they say ‘that’s the money you work for’,” he said in an interview with Oma Akatugba of .

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“Even my father, sometimes, of course, he’s shy to ask, because he knows I work for the money.

“I sacrifice things for this money, if I give him or buy him something, he’s always very grateful.

“And of course sometimes he asks me but not for money, he asks me if I could him out on something.”

Balogun’s case is a far cry from the typical African footballer who automatically starts bearing the financial burden of the extended family when they become successful.

The classic example is Togo international Emmanuel Adebayor who fell out with his family over their excessive financial demands.