La Liga will use a Puma ball for the 2019/2020 season after the Spanish league signed a long term contract with the sportswear brand. 

With the new contract which was signed on Thursday, June 27, Puma are now the official sponsor of the Spanish league. 

The Puma ball will also be used for La LaLiga 1|2|3 professional matches. Puma presented a new design that incorporates the technology that was developed exclusively by the brand with a striking colour combination that will be the secret weapon for incredible tricks and goals that will become part of history.

With an 18 panel heat sealed structure, the new LaLiga football is a perfect sphere that guarantees better stability, a soft touch and reduced water absorption. 

La Liga Puma ball (La Liga)
La Liga Puma ball (La Liga)
La Liga

The bigger panels allow a better connection with the sphere. One of the new details is located in the 1mm Hi-Solid Dimple PU (San Fang) casing which improves the aerodynamics and also provides high resistance to the graze and wear and tear, which creates better durability and high performance level.  

The structure of this advanced design is similar to that of a golf ball to assure a straight path and better consistency in the shot.  

Likewise, the incorporation of an additional POE foam layer improves the touch and increases the sensibility, which results in a firm touch and an improved rebound consistency. This football is reactive in the shots and has explosive potential. The air chamber made of rubber with the PAL valve (PUMA AIR LOCK) assures excellent air retention. 

Talking about the design colors, PUMA has opted for a very daring combination with green tones that offer more visibility in the turn and trajectory as well as in the velocity. An attractive Glimmer green over white combined with the NRGY red of the PUMA logo will highlight the flight over the pitch.  

On a technical level, the PUMA sphere incorporates new details that improve the aerodynamics and resistance to wear and tear, which will result in more durability and a higher performance level.

For the first time, the sphere includes the LaLiga ‘beat’, one of the visual identity roots for the organization. It will be integrated into the football in the PUMA logo.

For the presentation of the new sphere, PUMA has launched a campaign that is inspired by a mix of football, fun, dance and music that will generate a domino effect in which the football is the trigger.  

One of the highlights of the campaign is the production of a video where the rhythm is marked by the heartbeat of the players who are the stars. Jan Oblak, Antoine Griezmann, Samuel Umtiti, Marc Bartra, Santi Cazorla, Luis Suárez appear in the video with the music from the afrotrap band, Afrojuice, which was written especially for this occasion.