AC Milan controversial midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng has blamed alcohol for stunted his football career which showed a lot of promises at the begining.

Boateng was voted Germany’s best young player in 2006 and broke into the German youth set-up at the age of 18 before a series of controversies caught up with him.

He was sent off from the German U-21 team in 2007 for indecent behaviour, was caught smoking in the Schalke 04 dressing room and dashed Michael Ballacks dream in the 2006 World Cup after a horrible foul on the player.

He was sacked at his Schalke 04 before returning to .

Boateng is set to release his autobiography on Amazon – a book which throws light on his excessive alcohol behaviour, aggressive lifestyle and altercation with Michael Ballack in the 2010 English FA Cup.

Speaking at the launch of his autobiography, Boateng revealed that he could have achieved much in football if not for alcohol.

“I drank a bit much and I have still achieved a lot in my football life. I haven’t given 100percent and if I did, I feel I could have achieve more titles and even played for bigger clubs," he said.

"These were mistakes but I feel I still have a lot to give.”