Former Super Eagles captain, Austin 'Jay Jay'  Okocha displayed his sense of humour the Nigeria Young Professionals forum in Lagos where he joked about him and Kanu Nwankwo's Ibo accent.

Jay Jay Okocha who is now the Chairman of the Delta State Football Association made the remarks while addressing President Goodluck Jonathan who was present at the forum.

"Your excellency, I think I don't have to say much because politics and football have something in common; there are played in the open field and I think your success story speaks for itself, " Jay Jay Okocha said.

"I want to say something about patriotism. My friend Kanu (Nwankwo) and I are the only ones that played in Europe for almost 40 years and came back with our Ibo accent. If that is not patriotism, I don't know what that mean," Okocha joked.

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