Although he was still downcast, Leicester City midfielder Wilfred Ndidi played down his slip up that led to a goal against his side in the Foxes’ 1-1 draw away at Chelsea on Sunday, August 19. 

Ndidi was robbed of the ball just at the edge of Leicester City box by Mascon Mount who went on to score to give Chelsea a 1-0 lead in the seventh minute. 

It was a very costly slip up that put Leicester City behind at Stamford Bridge. 

But Ndidi kept his head for the rest of the game and atoned for his mistake in the first half to score Leicester City’s equaliser in the 67th minute. 

Ndidi scored Leicester City's equaliser against Chelsea on Sunday

The goal, however, didn’t lift his mood as he remained disappointed with his slip-up in his post-game interview. 

“It’s something I have tried not to think about, but it still comes up in my head but it’s football, I just try to move on,” Ndidi admitted to Sky Sports after the game. 

He also admitted that he didn’t know that Mount was close to him when he had the ball. 

"We actually put a poor first half aside, and we were asked to push up and forget about the one goal they scored, and we just had to react," he added. 

It’s a mixed feeling, you know. We tried a couple of times in training with Madders [James Maddison] and he told me I was going to score.” 

Praise from Maddison

Leicester City midfielder James Maddison had nice things to say about his teammate Wilfred Ndidi after the game (PA)

His teammate Maddison was also quick to praise Ndidi for the character he showed in bouncing back from his mistake. 

The reaction of this man was brilliant,” Maddison said. 

When you make a mistake like that, to show the character that he showed, to come back and control the game in which he did in that pivot role and to make amends with a bullet header I think he has a lot of praise. 

The Sky Sports presenter also pointed out that it shows a lot about Ndidi’s character that he still felt miserable for his error even after he scored a fantastic goal. 

“Exactly, he’s not even lifting his head cause he’s probably thinking about that mistake, but that’s why we are Leicester City,” Maddison added. 

“We get around each other, we said it at halftime ‘forget about that’.

He probably doesn’t get the praise he deserves because he does the part of the game that no one wants to do and I feel he was fantastic after that and deserves every credit he gets." 

Ndidi narrowly lost the Man of the Man award to Maddison but did the honours of presenting the plaque to his teammate.