One of Africa’s top sports management companies Integral has partnered with Family & Today, the management company in charge of Arsenal star Mesut Ozil with a focus on tapping football talent in Africa and Nigeria.

The joint venture was announced on Monday, June 8 after almost a year of planning and working.

Family & Football was founded by Dr Erkut Sogut, a lawyer and registered FA intermediary, and has a foothold in many locations across the globe.

The agency came into prominence by negotiating one of the most lucrative player contracts in Premier League history for Arsenal’s Ozil whom it also represents.

Family & Today represents Arsenal star Mesut Ozil
Family & Today represents Arsenal star Mesut Ozil

With this joint venture, Integral now enhances its service offering by adding comprehensive professional talent management services to its suite of services, having sealed this strategic alliance with one of the most prominent global football agencies, Family and Football.

The joint venture partnership is a landmark achievement for Integral’s football division and the experience of Family & Football will assist the company in providing quality, first-class representation to the flood of football talent dotted all over Africa.

Earlier in the year, Integral hosted Sogut when he visited Nigeria with his close friend and associate Misha Sher, VP Sport & Entertainment at Mediacom, who played a crucial role in forming the relationship between both companies.

Nigeria, Africa and Integral are strategic partners for us. We believe in their potential. And with Integral we will showcase African footballers in a different way because they deserve it,” Sogut said, commenting on the partnership.

“The continent deserves it. It has some of the best talents I have ever seen like (Austin) Jay-Jay Okocha, (Nwankwo) Kanu and many more like them.

But our ties extend beyond football. I am passionate about education and I see the quality of people here; desirous of learning, of leaving a positive impact in the world. So together (with Integral) we will support them with our work”.

On his part, Abimbola Ilo, Managing Director of Integral, said the company is excited at working with Family & Today.

We are extremely excited to be working fully now with Erkut and his team, joining forces together to become an even more dominant force in football representation, management and player trading. Importantly the scope of the joint venture extends beyond just the representation side of things and involves education and charity too which are equally important to us,” Ilo said.