One of the stadiums used to host the World Cup last year in Brazil has been rented out by local government authority to be used as a makeshift bus depot.

According to the UK, the 72,000-seater Estadio Mane Garrincha in Brasilia, which cost around £350 million to build, is the second most expensive stadium in football history - second only to Wembley.

With no top division team based there, the stadium has not been able to reach near full capacity and cannot make enough money for maintenance.

The monthly upkeep of the stadium estimated at £130,000, and the local government has found another means to make money to maintain it by re-fashioning it as a bus garage.

400 vehicles are stored in the Mane Garrincha on a daily basis, while local authorities are also using the office and boardroom space inside the ground.

The Mane Garrincha hosted the World Cup group stage match between Brazil and Cameroon in 2014.