English media reportthat the English FA is currently on a draft to reduce the number of Non-European players in the Barclays Premiership to 50%, a situation that would drastically affect the EPL in international frontiers

Earlier in the year, The FA’s England commission called for a whole reform to reduce the 'mediocre' imports that its clubs were buying into the leagues

The Proposed draft has already been sent to the Premier League, the Football League and the players' and managers' unions.

Other British colonies; Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also said to be in talks with the English FA to adopt the system into their own football

Statistical analysis show that a total of 122 non-EU were plying their trade  from 2009 till last season

BBC reports that the new system called the Governing Body Endorsement(GBE) was initiated by UK’s Home Office in 2008, in an attempt to manage the number of visas issued out to footballers from countries outside the European Union.

The Draft states that the issuance of Visa would be for Sportspersons

The overall motive for this approach is to the FA’s desire to reduce the number of international players in England who they claim have prevented young English footballers from developing and with the country in a quest to win the 2022 World Cup, it needs to get rid of all obstacles to give their young players a chance

The FA chairman, Greg  Dyke said back in May:

The FA hopes the system will come into effect during the 2015/2016 season