Former Arsenal star Emmanuel Eboue has remarried in Cote D’Ivoire’ after a brutal divorce that left him almost penniless.

Eboue reportedly went broke after the dissolution of his previous marriage as his wife Aurelié took up to £7m of his hard earned money as a professional footballer along with his house in the United Kingdom.

The story of Eboue marital misfortune was well documented as the former Arsenal and Galatasaray star revealed that he went on a downward spiral as he contemplated suicide.

Emmanuel Eboue's situation with his previous wife brought about several reactions from the football community.

Emmanuel Eboue had his recent wedding in his home country [Omasport]

Some were of the opinion that he was careless about his previous marriage while some others were of the opinion he was mismanaged and duped with some of his previous club s and teammates reportedly coming together to support him emotionally and financially in his period of difficult.

Emmanuel Eboue however, seems to have moved past the dark times in his career and has decided to progress in his relationship by remarrying.

The former Arsenal star has now decided to go back and marry his girlfriend whom he previous dumped early in his career for his European wife.

Emmanuel Eboue has decide dto move on from his previous relationship [Omasport]

Following his ordeal in the hands of his Belgium wife, Eboue has returned to his roots for his latest wedding.

According to pictures circulated on social media, Emmanuel Eboue who has a coaching role at Galatasaray had a few friends for a silent wedding in his hometown.