Alli is of Nigerian-descent, through his dad Kehinde who had the England international with an English woman Denise.

The 22-year-old, however, never identified with his Nigerian side and now plays for England.

On Saturday at Wembley, Nigerians didn't show him any love, booing his every touch during England's friendly game against Nigeria.

The boos continued in the second half and even got louder when he was he was substituted in the 80th minute.

Unlike many England players of Nigerian descent, the Tottenham midfielder was never close to playing for Nigeria.

In fact, Alli has tried his best to ignore his Nigerian identify even though he spent almost a year in Nigeria with his father and attended a school in Lagos when he was a child.

Yoruba prince

According to his father Kehinde, .

He had a very close relationship with Kehinde and relocated with him to Houston, Texas. Alli was his father’s best man when he married his second wife Lola in 2006.

Alli was born in Milton Keynes to Kehinde who was in the United Kingdom studying for a Masters at De Montfort University had met Denise at a nightclub.

Kehinde and Denise got married but separated three years after Alli was born. Although separated, the couple was very close and raised him together.

Alli left his father and returned to England at the age of 11 to focus on football.